Your Girlfriend Left You Because You’re Broke – Alibaba (Must Read)

This is one of the best piece I’ve read in a while.

It’s written by an experienced personal….

‘This is the truth I have been trying to say in so many ways. If your guy left you because you have a bad temper, it’s not good riddance. It’s time for you to become better. If you were not promoted because you didn’t have an MBA, register and begin to upgrade your CV. Don’t begin to look for another Job.

When Zaccheuss changed location he also changed position. Don’t move from one condition and remain in that position and expect things will be better. You were a drunk and she left you, now you are looking for someone who is also a drunk or someone who can tolerate a drunk. Are you, are you, are yyooooou maaaad?

If anyone gave you a reason for leaving you, give them a reason to regret it. Because if you don’t you will indirectly be justifying why they left you.

You are an MC and event planners say you do not have a good sense of humour, but instead of you to improve that, you are saying “but I am just an Mcee”, go and watch @iamjoycedaniels… She is funnier than some comedians. And she is just an Mcee. Be spontaneous. Don’t begin to say the water you will drink will not pass you. Improve your black behind.

Talking of black behind, this is not to say if a man left you for a yalloooo woman you should bleach. No. That man is not worth the skin of your back. Pardon the pun. Besides, if he leaves you for a lighter person then his love was not deep enough. Skin deep love fades or wears aways with age.

Pogba was sold because the club thought he had no value. He went on and continued to improve himself. The same MAN United came to buy him as the most expensive player. He did go crying over spilt milk. He put in serious work.

But most importantly, always find out why someone says they don’t want to be with you. Don’t always think it’s because they found someone else. Why did they have to find someone else?

Have a great week’

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