Young Man Tells Soyinka To Leave His Seat – Tonye Cole, Mo Abudu, Kate Henshaw React

Business executive, Tonye Cole narrated an incident he witnessed on a plane between renowned writer Wole Soyinka and a Nigerian man.

Tonye Cole said Mr Wole Soyinka got on the plane and took the window seat. When the young man assigned the seat boarded, he insisted Mr Soyinka leaves his seat. Others on the plane, including the crew members, begged the young man to let the Nobel Laureate have his seat. But the man insisted on sitting where he was assigned.

Mr Cole said this is an indication that our value system has been eroded and youths no longer have repect for elders. Ms Mo Abudu and Kate Henshaw commented, agreeing with him that the young man’s behaviour was unacceptable.

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