Saturday, March 6

Xenophobic Attacks: Bibi Bright Calls On Ghanaians To Port MTN Lines to Glo

The xenophobic attacks which hit South Africa last weekend continues to have consequences which are not going to go away anytime soon.

Other African countries are angry because this has happened too many times in South Africa now, and some are even finding ways to retaliate.

Many Ghanaian celebrities have reacted to the attacks, each with their own unique reaction.

Bibi Bright has also given her two cents on the issue, calling for Ghanaians to boycott South African businesses in the country to hurt them.

According to her, we should port our numbers from MTN (a South African company) to Glo (a Nigerian company) to send a message to South Africa.

Bright argues that it’s only when they suffer economic consequences that they’ll learn and fight to do the right thing.

She wrote:

Just left the Glo office! Ported my number from MTN (South African) company to Glo (my brother Nigerian ) company.! Today it’s Nigerians, tomorrow is may be Ghanaians in SA been killed! Let’s not wait till it’s our turn! Ghanaian celebrities throw your weight behind Nigeria! The pain these videos caused me as a Ghanaian, i can imagine what our brothers and sisters in Nigeria are going through! No one deserves to die this way. This is too much! For South Africans to do this to us? This isn’t their first time! It will not be their last!.
. I urge all my colleagues to entreat their fan base to port from Mtn to Glo! We will not kill them like they are killing it because we aren’t as inhuman as there are! You will hit them where it hurts the most! @zionfelixdotcom @jackieappiah @selassie_ibrahim @zynnellzuh @iamamamcbrown @stonebwoyb @shattawalenima @sellygalley @princedavidosei @prayetietia @sista.afia @yvonnenelsongh @yvonneokoro @iamnadiabuari @iam_vanvicker @moeshaboduong @wendyshayofficial @empress_dictabee @peterritchiegh @@jamesgardinergh @gloriaosarfo @toosweetannangh @joselyn_dumas @johndumelo1 @salmamumin @nkonkonsa @yemmeybaba @roselyn_ngissah @kalybos1 @jessicawilliamsgh @julietibrahim @eddienartey @belindadzattah @vicamichaels @wanlov @marthaankomah @kwekuelliott @sisterdeborah @haroldamenyah @nanamadeinchina @quophiokyeame @efia_odo @iamqwinadepa @beverly_afaglo @fcemperor @mzbeldaily @sisterdeborah @monteozafrica @ameyaw112 @elikemkumordzie @eddiewatsonjr @sistersandybiy3guy @tmghlive @ghkwaku @blakkcedi @comedianhogan @fellamakafui @ghhyper1 @jessicalarny @iamellamensah .
. Anyone who supports and love me.! Help drop numbers from a South African company to a Nigerian company. Today it’s Nigeria tomorrow it will be Ghana.! Help let’s show support to our Nigeria.! Let them know that they are not foreigners in our eyes. They are family. They are Africans. We are ONE! Jehovah God bless us all..! #1Love! #saynotoxenophobia #YesGloWorksAllOverGhana #YesGloNowWorksAllOverGhana! #PortMtnToGlo!

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