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Woman Who Thought She Had Kidney Stone, Gives Birth To Triplets

Woman Who Thought She Had Kidney Stone, Gives Birth To Triplets 

A South Dakota woman named Dannette who despite having 2 children, never knew she had a baby growing in her; talk more of being pregnant with triplets. She always thought she had a kidney stone and that’s because she had it a long time ago, so she assumed it came back.

She began having severe pain which turned out to be unbearable for her, so she headed to a hospital and requested for a kidney stone surgery, only for her to be informed that she’s pregnant and it was actually with triplets.

Quoting dannette, she said; “I started getting pains, I figured it was kidney stones because I’ve gone through them before,”

Meanwhile, Dannette’s 10-year-old son named Ronnie Giltz had always wished for a baby brother and 2 sisters for his little sister who had always wanted to have a little sister. He was quoted as saying; “One time I have seen a shooting star and I wished for a baby brother, and I wished for like two sisters for my little sister because she always wanted a little sister, I knew this day was always going to come,”

The triplets weighed about 4 pounds and each and were delivered just 4 minutes apart. She gave birth to a boy and 2 girls and named them Blaze, Gypsy, and Nikki.

Quoting her experience while giving birth to the triplets she said; “It was quiet, we thought they were done. He’s over there, kind of like rocking like, thinking of the names and then she’s like well we need another blanket and his reaction is like excuse me, put it back, no, I was told I have twins, I’m not doing triplets. She’s like no, there are three babies in here, and there are triplets,”

She continued; “You don’t ever see triplets being conceived naturally, let alone going 34 weeks without knowing. So, everyone’s like I can’t believe it, I’m like we’re still in shock, trust me, we know what you mean like I go to the doctor’s thinking I’ll have surgery for kidney stones and end up going into labor with a c-section that night. It’s crazy,”

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