Tuesday, January 26

Wolves Boss Nuno Confident Of Keeping His Stars


Wolves boss Nuno is confident of keeping his squad together.

The likes of Ruben Neves, Diogo Jota and Helder Costa are all aged 24 or younger.

Nuno said he doesn’t lose any sleep over the fear of losing his star men.

“Not at all, Because I ask the player and if he tells me he wants to stay here, that’s more important,” Nuno said

“The first thing you have to know is tell the player that this will come naturally in your life, don’t try to rush it. If you rush it, it will be a mistake for you. If you want to achieve that, it is normal.

“The ownership, as a club, has to make profit. That’s another part of the game. You are preparing and working, building and making them things to sell. It’s normal, but you also have to tell them ‘don’t do it now’.

“Do it in the right moment because this way your merchandise, your product, when it comes to the big ones and they realise that it’s good, they will come again. You have to tell the player that because as a coach you have to know what you are doing.”


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