Wednesday, January 27

Why I Think Osinbajo’s Helicopter Crash Is Fake

I strongly believe the heli crash is fake considering heli crashes I have seen from videos. Helicopter crashes are very deadly and the chances of survival are always very are my reasons for saying so:
1. the heli blades always hits the ground and with the force and intensity, breaks and makes terrible marks on the ground which was not seen in the VPs photos and this was a floor without concrete, so where are the blade marks?

2. helicopters do not fall on its side like it was tipped over by mechanics who have to fix that old taxi car. Exceptions would be if it crash landed on water and rolled over to its sides.

3. at what level above ground did the helicopter crash. as we ll know helicopters faces nose downward while losing altitude not sideways. If you watched the video of the heli crash of the owner of Leicester city, you would know what I am talking about.

4. Ask yourself and look carefully, does this helicopter look like it really crashed? The VP should tell us the reason why he staged this event a few days to the election and why not a single occupant of the helicopter got injured including himself. how do you survive a crash like this meaning you looked death in the face for few seconds and you have the courage to continue your campaign like nothing happened. Have you been in a road accident before? if you have, the first reaction is being thankful, still shaking from fear and want to be in quiet mode.

I know some people would come here to say whatever they like, thats fine but this is what i think of the situation. *Staged*

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