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Voting Breakdown: Messi Votes For Ronaldo But Not Vice Versa, Both Snub Van Dijk

Voting Breakdown: Messi Votes For Ronaldo But Not Vice Versa, Both Snub Van Dijk 

FIFA have published the voting breakdown of the Best FIFA Men’s Player award. Who voted for whom?

Players and coaches were asked to name their top three players in the world from a shortlist selected by FIFA.

The first player receives five points, the second three and the third one.

Messi gave his three picks to Mane, Ronaldo and De Jong in the vote.

However, Ronaldo didn’t vote for Messi as his three picks were De Ligt, De Jong and Mbappe.

Both players did not vote for Van Dijk but Van Dijk chose Messi as his first pick.

And other players? Check down below…

Voting Breakdown
Messi: Mane, Ronaldo, De Jong

Hazard: Mane, Van Dijk, Messi

Alves: Messi, Mane, Van Dijk

Modric: Ronaldo, Hazard, Messi

Kane: Messi, Van Dijk, Ronaldo

Lloris: Messi, Ronaldo, Mbappe

Aubameyang: Ronaldo, Hazard, Messi

Neuer: Van Dijk, Mane, Hazard

Chiellini: Ronaldo, De Jong, Salah

Son Heung-min: Kane, Van Dijk, Ronaldo

Van Dijk: Messi, Salah, Mane

Ronaldo: De Ligt, De Jong, Mbappe

Robertson: Van Dijk, De Jong, Mane

Ramos: Hazard, Ronaldo, Salah

Xhaka: Ronaldo, Van Dijk, Messi

Godin: Messi, Mane, Van Dijk

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