Video: Famous Magician, David Blaine Nearly Die After Shooting Himself In The Mouth During Failed Magic Trick

Magician, David Blaine did the unthinkable by trying to use his mouth to catch a bullet. The 43-year-old’s show Beyond Magic, which was broadcast on E4 last night, aired a clip of him spitting out frogs to a live audience which included footballer David Beckham.

However, the main event of the show featured Blaine trying to catch a bullet with his mouth, a trick he first attempted in 2010.

But, it didn’t go as planned. Blaine nearly lost his life this time as the bullet shattered the special gum shield it.

Blaine has revamped the trick by pulling the trigger on himself, in front of 20,000 people at Las Vegas’ MGM Grand Garden Arena.

According to The Sun, the performer prepared for the dangerous trick by allowing friends to shoot him in the chest, while wearing a bullet-proof vest.

He was then fitted with a special gum shield to hold a metal cup, in which David would catch the bullet.

But the cup was slipping in and out of the grooves of the mouth guard, showing the first sign of later problems.

Blaine held a rope attached to the rifle, while the laser pointed to the spot where the bullet would hit.

As Blaine tugged on the rope, the bullet was fired into the cup – but the gum shield shattered in the process.

Speaking over the action, Blaine’s narration explained: “Time just started to move really slow.

“When the bullet struck the cup, there was a high-pitched ringing in my ears and I felt an impact on the back of my throat.

“I was sure the bullet went right through my head and that I was dead.

“Suddenly I became aware of the pain and it brought me back. At that moment I realised that the mouth guard had shattered again, and I was alive.”

After being checked over by doctors, Blaine discovered that he had a lacerated throat – and his friends have refused to assist with the death-defying stunt ever again.

The incident left many horrified and afraid for him as he could have easily lost his life.

Ashley Harrison said: “David Blaine? More like David Insane!

“He plans on doing the bullet catch trick in his world tour. How can he be so sure it won’t kill him?”

And Tom Vasiljevic added: “David Blaine ain’t human, what person would attempt to catch a bullet in their mouth? Or regurgitate frogs?”


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