Wednesday, January 27

Veteran broadcaster Bisi Olatilo debunks rumors of his death

Veteran broadcaster Bisi Olatilo has appeared in a video to debunk rumour that he died of COVID-19 complications.

It comes amid social media reports that the 67-year-old had succumbed to the coronavirus.

Speaking in a video recorded in a hospital, Mr Olatilo confirmed he was receiving treatment for COVID and that doctors were working to ensure he comes out well.

The polyglot also thanked Pastor Wole Oladiyun and all who have been praying for him.

Finally, he thanked his 63-year-old wife Sade Olatilo with whom he plans to celebrate 40 years of marriage in 2021.

“What can I do without my wife?” he asked.

Rumour that Olatilo had died began spreading alongside reports that another socialite Bolu Akin-Olugbade had died of the COVID.

Mr Akin-Olugbade’s death has however been confirmed.

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