Vera Sidika’s bleached skin slowly retaining it’s original skin color

Vera Sidika is believed to have spent a few millions trying to bleach her skin from dark chocolate; to being the light skinned lady we currently know!

Back in the day when she was darker, business didn’t seem to be doing so well not until she altered her skin tone. With an hour figure, light skin tone – Vera became a hot cake as every rich man in the world wanted a taste of her goodies.

This enabled her to travel around the world in first class; but as the years have gone by so is her ‘beauty.’ It is no secret that the lass has not only become quite bigger than what we were used to; but her dark chocolate skin tone seems to be coming back slowly!

Not quite sure whether this was also caused by the current lock down; but truth is Vera Sidika’s purchased beauty has started experiencing side effects or rather is now expiring.

Fans on Jamal Gaddaffi’s page couldn’t let this slide; as most went on to mention what their eyes had seen on a video he shared from Vera’s VS parlor launch party!

Indeed her melanin seems to have doubled around her knuckles, knees, heels and toes. But having realized that they cannot be hidden, Vera now has to up her game before the shade starts all over like in 2014!

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