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“Vera Sidika seduced me, I never had feelings for her” Otile Brown reveals!



Many have been wondering how Otile Brown and Vera Sidika came to be; and now we know!

Speaking with Wasafi TV just a while ago, Kenyan singer Otile Brown finally opened up about his relationship with Vera Sidika. According to the singer, he never made the first move with Vera Sidika since he had never been interested with her.

@queenveebosset ni Fri-nemy wangu, Sina tatizo nae, Nilikuwa nafanya vizuri kabla ya Vera, Watu hawajuhi sijawahi kumtongoza, alinitafuta mwenyewe, Alikuwa ananipigia sana simu na wala nilikuwa sizipokei.


“@queenveebosset is my Fri-nemy, I have no problem with her, I was doing well before Vera, People never know I never led her, she was looking for me, She was calling me a lot and I was not receiving”

According to Otile Brown, Vera was the one who reached out to him and after talking for sometime he slowly started developing feeling for the lass.

“Sikuwahi kumtamani @queenveebosset Kimapenzi wala sikuwahi kumtafuta yeye ndio alinitafuta, sina sababu ya kudanganya, Nilikaa kimya kwa muda mrefu sana”


“”I’ve never longed for @queenveebosset Romantic nor have I ever found her the one she was looking for, I have no reason to cheat, I kept quiet for too long””

Although these two Kenyan celebrities dated for a while on the low before confirming to the public that they were an item; seems like their relationship had already completed the honeymoon phase hence the drama.

It is unclear as to why they continue to talk about each other during interviews since they both moved on and are seeing other people; so could this mean that they miss each other? Well, who knows!

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Tyler Perry honored with Governors Award at 72nd Primetime Emmy Awards




Tyler Perry was honoured with the Governors Award at the 72nd Primetime Emmy Awards on Sunday, Sept. 20, 2020.

The 51-year-old filmmaker and his foundation received the award in recognition of his work on inclusivity and philanthropic efforts.

As he accepted the award, he movingly reflected on his family history. He spoke about a quilt his grandmother had sewn for him when he first moved to Los Angeles, which represented key moments in his loved ones’ lives.

He said: “In my grandmother’s quilt there were no patches for Black people on television. And now her grandson is being honored by the Television Academy…

“We are all sewing our own quilt with our thoughts, our behaviors, our experiences and our memories.

“I stand here tonight to say thank you, to all of the people who are celebrating and know the value of every patch and every story and every color that makes up this quilt that is our business, this quilt that is our lives, this quilt that is America.”

The award was presented to Perry by Chris Rock and Oprah Winfrey, who hailed him a “visionary.”

Oprah said: “Tyler Perry has done what no one had done before him — make it as an outsider.”

Rock added: “And of course Hollywood welcomed an independent Black man with open arms. They thought he was just a fad.”

Winfrey continued: “Tyler ensured that Black people would be represented in front of and behind the camera.

“He is a man of deep faith, he is a visionary who is led by unwavering passion, and a businessman who bet on himself and in doing so, showed the world that there is a different path to ultimate success. He dreamed the impossible dream, he bore the unbearable sorrow and fought the unbeatable foe to run where the brave dare not go.”

Watch the video below.

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Fatal Arrogance: Hausa Actor, Yakubu Mohammed Regrets Acting In ‘Anti-Shiite’ Movie, Ready To Pay To Get Scenes Removed




Kannywood actor, Yakubu Mohammed , has expressed regrets for featuring in a Nollywood film titled ‘ ‘Fatal Arrogance’ and has asked the makers to remove the scenes he appeared in.

Popular Nigerian Actor, Pete Edochie, plays the lead role in the film, which was shot in Enugu and produced by Anosike Kingsley Orji.

The film’s behind-the-scenes and a 12-minute-clip from the set are already generating controversy, especially among members of the Islamic Movement of Nigeria (IMN), Shiites.

In a statement published on their official Facebook page on Tuesday, the group said they were shocked by the film ‘‘where the popular Islamic Movement in Nigeria and its leader Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky are being depicted and badly portrayed as terrorists.’’

Mr Mohammed told BBC Hausa that he regretted appearing in the movie, even though he tried to persuade the filmmakers to correct some things in the movie he feels will not go down well by many people, especially in Northern Nigeria.

“I never knew some of the scenes in the film will be portrayed in that manner. I only acted (in) my scenes, which I appeared six times in different places. In the film I was shot, and later died.

“It was a film that showed the clash between Nigerian Army and members of the Shiite movement in Zaria, and many members of the group were killed. When I read the script, I saw nothing castigating Islam in it, but you know script can change at some point, that was what happened.

Mr Mohammed also said he has asked the producer to remove him from the film, and that he is ready to pay the producers damages for doing that.

“I have told the producer to remove all my scenes in the movie, that I am ready to pay for damages, which is what the rule says.”

According to the actor, the producers told him that the film was sponsored by an NGO.

“Yes, nobody threatens me but I have seen how people on social media pages are abusing and calling (me) names for appearing in the film.”

Mr Mohammed had also said “there is a place that every Muslim, if he sees it, must be concerned. There is a photo of Mr Pete Edochie walking around in a Muslim dress, with a bottle of beer in his hand and with a girl.’’

“I really regretted appearing in that movie.”

People who spoke to PREMIUM TIMES on Thursday said the film should not be released at all and insisted that Mr Mohammed get himself out from the film.

“This is Northern Nigeria, and you know how our people think about things like this. For a film coming from the Eastern part of the country, and wrongly putting Islam in a negative way, that will not be accepted here.

“So, for me, the best thing that will happen is for the film not (to) be released and Yakubu should make sure he is not in that film. People will not understand him, especially the Shiite movement,” a social media commentator, (Abubakar) Hassan, said.

Kabiru Rabiu, a resident of Hotoro in Kano, told PREMIUM TIMES that justice was not done to Islam and IMN.

“I don’t share (the) same belief with the Shiite followers but it is beyond the group. They did not put Islam in a good limelight. The producers should have liaised with core Northern producers when writing the script and even during production. For me, that film should better be dropped” Mr Rabiu said.

Another resident of Zaria, Kaduna state, Kasim Bala said, ” I don’t know what is in the film, but it is totally wrong for an Igbo man to make film base on a book that talks about Islam and Muslim, especial in Nigeria, without consulting Muslim filmmakers to help with some scene.

“They way (they) see things is not what it is here. Yakubu should save himself and make sure he is not in that film. Thank God it is not out, it would have been another thing now.

Some commentators, who also spoke to our reporter, said it was an agenda by the Igbos to put Islam and the North in a bad spirit while some insisted that the film should not be released and advised Mr Mohammed to disassociate himself from the film.

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Wizkid ‘No Stress’ Is No1 In Nigeria & The US World Chart According To iTunes




The musician released his newest single yesterday & it’s debuted no1 in the country on Apple music & also no1 on the US iTunes chart (world). His ‘Made in Lagos’ album is set to be released on the 15th of October 2020.

Congratulations to him.

Listen to the song here:

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