Saturday, January 16

Vanessa Mdee narrates how fans trolled her for referring to Rotimi as ‘future husband’

Vanessa Mdee did not have an easy time especially after ex Juma Jux left her for an Asian woman. Well, judging from how mean Tanzanian fans can be, let’s just say Vanessa went through what many would teen as hell on earth.

For some reason, ex Juma Jux did not want to tone done on the showing off; and till date many believe his ‘childish’ ways are the reason he lost a woman like Vanessa Mdee to Mr Rotimi.

However although she was mocked, judged by Jux’ friends and a few fans here and there; but Mdee continued to hold her head high until she finally got to meet Rotimi; and in 2 days she was sure that this was the man she was meant to be with.

Well after a year of dating and living together; Vanessa Mdee’s dream of getting married to Rotimi has finally come true as seen online. Well, the Nigerian-American singer cum actor finally popped the big question and of course Vanessa Mdee said yes.

Speaking about this, Vanessa has shared a long post talking about how fans laughed and mocked her for claiming Rotimi would marry her some day. She wrote;

‘The answer is YES!!!! 💍 A year and a half ago the world laughed at me when I said I knew YOU were my husband only days after spending time with you. I didn’t blame them, after all it’s an uncommon and inexplicable feeling when you meet your soulmate. ( Also they’d met the Vee who had no plans to be married).’

‘On my 30th birthday my plans for the years to come were so different from where we are now, but GOD laughs when we are making plans.Jeremiah 29:11 For I know the plans I have for YOU, they are plans for good and not for disaster, to give YOU a future and a hope.
Honestly, my future was feeling bleak and I was losing hope in what I thought was a perfect plan.’

According to Vanessa Mdee, Rotimi is the anointed man appointed by God to settle down with her. On the same post, Mdee went on to say;

And then I met YOU.

… YOU saved my life in ways only a man appointed and anointed by GOD could. There are no words to describe the power of surrendering to GOD and in this case to LOVE. GOD IS LOVE! I spent my whole life searching for joy and peace in things and places that couldn’t offer nothing but a temporary high. With your love I bask in abundance. For everything I did right GOD blessed me with YOU.

The answer is YES! YES TO my best friend, YES to my soulmate, YES to the love of my life. Over and over and over again in EVERY lifetime. How you located me in this time and loved me in ways only YOU could is a testament to GOD’s divine order of things and FAVOR and GRACE.

And suddenly it all makes sense.

New initials V.A ♾💍💫🤍🕊

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