Saturday, January 16

Van Vicker Descends On Shirley Ayorkor-Botchway For Saying Parliament Is Not For Actors

Actor Van Vicker has not taken lightly the statement of Minister of Foreign Affair, Shirley Ayorkor-Botchwey discrediting entertainers joining Politics.

The Minister said Parliament is for serious people and not actors and urged Ghanaians to vote for Lydia Seyram Alhassan instead of John Dumelo as MP for Ayawaso West Wuogon.

Van Vicker got infuriated by her comment and challenged the intellect of the member of Parliament on politics and entertainment.

He angrily said entertainers to are serious minded people and it takes equally serious people to entertain people and relieve them from their pain and sorrows.

He added that John Dumelo is equipped with whatever skill to also serve in parliament and deliver good results like she is delivering.

I understand that politicians say the damndest things to score political points, however, this reoccurrence rhetoric, that parliament is for ‘SERIOUS PEOPLE’ and the creative arts people (actors & musicians) are ‘UNSERIOUS PEOPLE’ hence should not go to parliament or by extension go into politics, SHOULD END.

This post is NOT about NPP or NDC, it is about what the Hon. Shirley Ayorkor, the Foreign Minister of Ghana said about actors; what she said to a colleague actor @johndumelo1

Now all my creative arts colleagues should be resentful at her utterance and demand an apology, for what she said is indeed racist, discriminatory and such bigotry SHOULD NO LONGER be perpetuated in dividing us as a people.

To put it mildly, who is the ‘UNSERIOUS PERSON’?

is it…

The ‘SERIOUS PERSON’ who watches movies & listens to music MADE BY the ‘UNSERIOUS PERSON’?


is it…

The ‘UNSERIOUS PERSON’ who COMPELLS the ‘SERIOUS PERSON’ to do dance moves and recall movie scenes during conversations?

Your guess is as good as mine.

The crux of my post again, is not about NPP or NDC. It is about pronouncements that CAN POTENTIALLY cause chaos. If one sees reasons not to use ethnicity, religion or race, etc. as a platform to galvanise people, I opine the same reasons be applied to occupations.

If one wishes to apply the ad hominem fallacy during an argument then so be it because one will only have an individual to deal with, but, do not consciously pull in the hasty generaliztion fallacy, because one will have a whole industry to deal with.

Madam Ayorkor, you are one of my favorite ministers but the one thing you do not want is to have actors & musicians against you, recall DUMSOR.

We are more popular than you, to say the least and WE ARE EXTREMELY ‘SERIOUS PEOPLE’.

Long Live Democracy
Long Live Ghana


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