Tuesday, November 24

Valentine: Why you should never leave your wife for side chick – Reno Omokri

Ahead of the forthcoming Valentine’s day on February 14, Reno Omokri, the former media aide of the former president Goodluck Jonathan has shared some advice for married couples and also the single ladies.

The quite outspoken author shared the important tips via his social media page’ Dear men. Make your wife everything you want your side chick to be.

He continued, “There is no love at first sight. Love takes time. Know who you are marrying. Love at first sight makes you marry wife beaters and husband killers.

If you decide to marry quickly, chances are that you will decide to divorce regretfully. Take time!Marry a productive woman not a seductive one. A life of production adds value to you. But seduction takes value from you.

And don’t be moved by romance. It is easy to inspire romance when finance is available. Marry for love, not romance”.

Few days ago, Reno Omokri also specifically told his followers to always keep their secrets away from their poor friends.

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