Tuesday, January 26

Twitter Users React As #OgunTwitterHangout Turned Indecent

Nigerian Youths in Ogun State had a ‘get together’ for what was themed #OgunTwitterHangout but from the videos circulating on social media reporting about the event, it was more like an orgy mixed with moments of sexual harassment.

In one of the trending video, a guy can be seen grabbing the ‘behind’ of a girl who obviously was not comfortable with that action and kept on removing the hands even as the boy was insistent on grabbing some flesh.

At one point, one twitter user, in his reaction to the videos, had to exclaim ; ”Oluwa wetin dey sodom and gomoralize”.


See clips from the event + some reactions from twitter user below ;

When I thought every one in Ogun state had gone back to school.Then I open Twitter and see #OgunTwitterHangout pic.twitter.com/rtHQ1lAdhz

— Stewie (@StewieDave) January 11, 2020



An orgy of uncircumcised nitwits excited at the opportunity to display caveman barbarism

— IfeOluwatunmise � (@CupofCoffee_xo) January 11, 2020

Neegas pulled up at Ogun Twitter hangout like: pic.twitter.com/xVXRcMPvlL

— Tega� (@Teghte) January 11, 2020


game time…..

mad fun down here…… pic.twitter.com/otPnIMMJhW

— � ʙʟᴀᴄᴋ M A R I O ��the EDIBLEs plug�� (@blackMario007) January 11, 2020


My guy no wan gree for d girl #OgunTwitterHangout pic.twitter.com/8bAElHCWrr

— DamBills (@fasomteen) January 11, 2020


Someone’s son got lap dance #OgunTwitterHangout pic.twitter.com/KbonDrIshf

— fireboy’s firegirl � (@zayinarb) January 11, 2020


This guy no get chill at all #OgunTwitterHangout pic.twitter.com/ajQ6EW6ZRG

— Bachelor’s degree in womanology (@sir_teefy) January 11, 2020


Caught in the Act
Mc tell me say make I press yanch ni ooh#OgunTwitterHangout #partyscatter ��� pic.twitter.com/TLmIQ6WGwq

— Ólóyè_Áyòdéjì (@hayodejigcfr) January 11, 2020


Na Hot Marlians full #OgunTwitterHangout ��pic.twitter.com/qU76ghQduG

— The Sweetch � (@officialsweetch) January 11, 2020



winner get 10k

mad fun down here……. pic.twitter.com/t7DOaK5A8l

— � ʙʟᴀᴄᴋ M A R I O ��the EDIBLEs plug�� (@blackMario007) January 11, 2020

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