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Troubled? Check Out Freda Edewor’s Post!!!

Troubled? Check Out Freda Edewor’s Post!!! 

Ok…let me make it easy, Iyanya and Freda are dating on/off. Iyanya took to social media stating that he Trusted no one as he’s being judged by people (Read it here). Freda also took to social media to post what looks like a straight up reply to Iyanya’s post.

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  1. sniper boy

    Any relationship built in social media would surely end by social media, so I’m not surprised, I saw this coming

  2. abdulmumin fadlullah

    first d relationship was never built on trust second what brought them together was their physical appearance not d inbuilt character so there is no way it’s gonna work

  3. Adeyemi Adedigba

    Just last week, she was very insulting to the lady who claimed her guy is a coward and today they both making excuses and bad comments. So bad celebrities don’t have life and it is common to them

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