Top 5 Sports Players Who Ruined Their Career With Drugs And Alcohol

Throughout the years, athletes have struggled with substance abuse, whether it was drugs or alcohol. It has been speculated that the reason substance abuse is and will always be common in the sports arena is due to the highly demanding nature of these activities. The need to perform and stay on top of the game at all times has resulted in doping problems, which over the years, has seen many topnotch athletes throw great careers down the drain.

Here are top five players who destroyed their careers with drugs alcohol abuse:

1. Lance Armstrong

You cannot talk about cycling and not mention Lance Armstrong, that would be an incomplete discussion. A celebrated hero, Armstrong was one the most influential athletes of the 21st century. He became the very first American to lay hands on the Classico San Sebastian, and in 1995, he was rated number 1 cyclist in the world. He went ahead to secure seven Tour de France titles over the course of a tremendous career.

However, Armstrong’s doping scandals caught up with him, and none of the awards and achievements mattered. He was stripped of his seven Tour de France titles and all awards and prizes acquired since August of 1998. As if that wasn’t bad enough, Armstrong was slapped with a lifetime ban from sports.

2. Michael Ray Richardson

Richardson was one of the greatest basketball players of all time. During the 1970s and the 1980s, Richardson played for the New Jersey Nets and the New York Knicks making a star of himself. However, things started going south for Richardson when he became addicted to cocaine. He ended up failing three drug tests and was banned from the NBA for life.

3. Michael Beasley

Beasley was one of those NBA talents that were expected to catapult their career to stardom. However, his chance of making history disappeared into the smoke of marijuana tendency. If you are a sportsman who is also having a hard time quitting smoking, Liquido24 is one of the best places offering smoking alternatives that are safer do not affect your sports performance.

4. Paul Gascoigne

When we talk about talent, we have to admit that Paul Gascoigne was one of the most talented soccer players England ever produced. He was looking at a legendary career after his performance in the 1990 world cup. After a couple of knee injuries, a sideline appearance and a comeback in the 1995 season, it was clear that Gascoigne was never going to be the same again. His personal life was a mess. He was drinking too much which saw him dropped from the English squad prior to the world cup of 1998. From there, things took a downward spiral until his retirement at the age of 34.

5. Dwight Gooden

Gooden was a baseball star who played for the New York Mets and ended up securing 24 wins at a 1.53 Earned Run Average pitches. That was 1985. He didn’t last long, however, by the 90s he was pitching horribly while struggling with cocaine and failed drug tests. His cocaine habits eventually sent him to prison.

There may not be much anybody else can do to curb substance abuse by athletes, severe consequences have indeed failed in this regard. However, the only people who can actually make a difference are the sportsmen and sportswomen themselves.

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