Thursday, January 28

Tonto Dikeh Set To Release Her First Episode Of “Grub And Rub”

The popular Nigerian actress Tonto Dikeh has recently said that she will soon be releasing her first episode of grub and rub. She said this some hours ago on her Instagram page.

According to the actress, grub and rub is a video show which will be bringing food and celebrities together.That is, it is a talk show in which celebrities will be talking and also eating various kinds of food.

The actress said that the show will be watched on YouTube on her YouTube channel.She said that the show will feature different kinds of food that will be eaten ny celebrities while talking.

In a nutshell, it is a talking and eating show.So the actress has recently announced that the first episode of grub and rub will be released soon on YouTube and it will be featuring her first guest as you can see in the picture below.

In the first episode, they will be talking about relationship.If you interested in the show,you can subscribe to Tonto’s YouTube channel @KingTonto so you will get notified anytime the video is uploaded.The actress said that it will be available soon.

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