Timi Dakolo Opens Up About Growing Up In Extreme Poverty

When Timi Dakolo sang about coming from poverty in Let it Shine, the lead single of his debut album Beautiful Noise, the world stopped to listen to the powerful voice of the young artiste who told touching stories about having little while growing up, and the strong family that stood beside him.
And Timi’s light is still shining, because 10 years after he emerged the winner of the inaugural edition of West African Idols in 2007, the singer still headlines the crop of artistes telling evocative stories through their songs.

Writing on his Instagram today, the award-winning singer shared the photo of his old home in Diobu, Port Harcourt, and opened up more about his family’s struggles.

“It wasn’t always like this. Once upon a time it was the oversized shoe, so you would grow into it. The ‘no food this evening’. the mosquito war at night. The go home you haven’t paid school fees’. The ‘just manage, food go dey when you come back from school’. The constant dodging of the landlord,” On and on the singer went, listing the travails his family went through, and how they survived extreme poverty.

“In all, I had the most beautiful family, awesome uncles and aunties. Great cousins and friends,” he said, and describing the almost-rundown building in the photo, he added, “[This] was home for like 15 years.”

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