Timaya Deletes All His Pictures and Unfollows Everyone on Instagram

Timaya has mysteriously deleted all photos from his Instagram and unfollowed everyone without leaving a hint on why he went on this particular spree.
Over the weekend, Timaya faced terse criticism after Punch reported that he insulted a journalist and refused to take selfies with loyal fans.

“It is apparent that he needs to attend anger-management classes. Put off by his saucy attitude, one of his aides had to apologise on his behalf,” Punch said, adding, “Fans at the same event also complained that he brushed them off when they attempted to take pictures with him.”
The I Concur singer has yet to address the accusation. Yesterday, he shared a cryptic Instagram post with a screaming caption. “Only me!!!,” he yelled, and afterwards wiped his page clean.

It is unclear if the move is related with the Punch report, but this leaves one wondering if it is some sort of new trend.

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