Monday, March 8

This is 2019, don’t start a print magazine business – Akin Alabi

Nairabet owner and lawmaker-elect Akin Alabi has advised people to stay away from the idea of starting a print magazine business.

In a post he shared on social media, Akin Alabi revealed that print magazine business is in comatose and about to die.

His words can be buttressed by the rise of New Media which is fast seeing g many contents that would have featured in magazines now being published online.

Instagram, Twitter, YouTube and blogs are gradually taking a lion share of what print magazine use to have. News that people would have waited hours before accessing are now at their finger tips. This has reduced the rate at which magazines sell and sorted after.

Sharing on social media, Akin Alabi wrote:

This is 2019… don’t start a print magazine business.

Print magazine business is in coma. It will die soon. Digital is the present and future.

Whether you love it or not. Whether you are passionate about it or not.

You Will Fail.

Don’t even think about it. Print publication is in coma, about to die. Tell that friend of yours not to try it.

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