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The Winner is…..Boom

The Winner is…..Boom 

Boom posted the most comments on the blog on the 12th of december making him/her the 12th winner.


Send a mail to with your username and the email you are using to comment on

Lets see who todays winner will be.

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  1. bola

    Congratulations mister boom

  2. bola

    I hope to win today

  3. bola

    Cause I would like to follow your footsteps

  4. bola

    I can imagine how you are feeling right now

  5. bola

    That your hard work finally paid off

  6. bola

    Congratulations once again Mr boom

  7. bola

    And mister Marcus nice one sir

  8. bola

    May Almighty Allah continue to enrich your coast

  9. bola

    Your pocket would never dry, amen

  10. bola

    Because it is a very nice thing you are doing here

  11. bola

    Because it is a very nice thing you are doing here , it’s really nice

  12. bola

    Not many people can do what you are doing

  13. bola

    But I’m sure God would surely pay you back

  14. bola

    God would bless you and your family bountiful

  15. bola

    And I hope to win today’s price

  16. bola

    Because I need money for Christmas

  17. bola

    As you all know that Christmas is fast approaching

  18. bola

    And a brother is fucking broke I swear

  19. bola

    Do you know how big 5k is to me

  20. bola

    You all would not understand what I’m saying

  21. bola

    Because I don’t except you all too

  22. emala


  23. bola

    Most of you probably ate a very sumptuous meal yesterday

  24. bola

    But for me that was not the case

  25. emala

    Mehn you deserved it

  26. bola

    But to be honest I like competition like this

  27. emala

    Is not easy

  28. bola

    I really like this type of things

  29. emala

    I think i need to win

  30. emala

    This competition is not easy to win

  31. emala

    Nothing spoil

  32. emala

    Hard work pays

  33. emala

    I pray i will win

  34. emala

    Boom enjoy

  35. emala

    Something i feel am not hard working

  36. emala

    The fun is much

  37. emala

    Is time to make a change

  38. emala

    I need this x-mas gift

  39. emala

    How can a man labour in vain

  40. emala

    God will bless mycelebrityandi

  41. emala

    This love is much

  42. emala

    One love mehn

  43. bola

    I really like this type of things,i swear

  44. bola

    And when I want something there’s no stopping me

  45. emala

    There is no harm in trying

  46. bola

    I hope you know what I’m talking about

  47. bola

    Yeah there really is no harm in trying

  48. bola

    Every one stands a chance to win

  49. bola

    But I’m definitely not giving up today

  50. bola

    But there’s a little problem that can stop me from winning

  51. bola

    My mb is almost finished and no money to renew

  52. emala

    I love someone to challenge me

  53. bola

    And all these ikedc people can like to fuck up

  54. emala

    Bola go and borrow money

  55. bola

    If not for all these conditions I’m definitely winning

  56. bola

    I’m definitely challenging you Mr emala

  57. emala

    Is time to kick the game

  58. bola

    Mr emala please come and borrow me money

  59. bola

    And when I win I would pay you back

  60. bola

    The game has all ready been kicked off

  61. emala

    Am just happy this morning

  62. bola

    So don’t be late and join the race

  63. bola

    Because this is going to be a very long ride

  64. bola

    Cause I’m in the mood for competition this morning

  65. bola

    I pray baba God crown my efforts

  66. bola

    Cause I can’t imagine not winning this money

  67. bola

    It would be very devastating

  68. bola

    You guys think I’m joking right

  69. bola

    Okay you all wait till I’m crowned winner

  70. emala

    Bola don’t worry just allow me to win

  71. bola

    Then you all would know what I mean then

  72. bola

    Emala I’ve heard you, I would think about it

  73. bola

    But you have to work hard for the money

  74. emala

    Bola just allow me to win than i will share the money with you

  75. bola

    I’m going to have to make you work to win it

  76. emala

    Yes am trying my best

  77. bola

    Okay no problem. You are a very nice person emala

  78. bola

    You have to try harder brother

  79. bola

    I would really think about your offer

  80. bola

    Because life is all about helping people

  81. emala

    This competition is not easy guys are not smiling

  82. bola

    But let me tell you something

  83. bola

    You don’t expect me to smile for 5k sir

  84. emala

    There is love in sharing

  85. bola

    I’m going to frown my face and collect my money

  86. emala

    One love mehn is all about hardworking

  87. emala

    I believe nothing comes so easily

  88. bola

    Emala thumbs up bro

  89. bola

    Yeah hard work definitely pays off

  90. emala

    Bro am trying my best

  91. emala

    I believe i may be the lucky winner

  92. emala

    Am desperate for this money

  93. emala

    I pray that God will show me today

  94. bola

    I pray mine pays off

  95. emala

    I need to smile

  96. bola

    God would show us the way

  97. bola

    We all want to smile to the bank

  98. emala

    Heroes never give up

  99. bola

    That’s the only way in which I would enjoy my day

  100. bola

    Yeah and I’m a hero I would not give up

  101. emala

    I have been here for long no winning

  102. emala

    I believe in miracle

  103. bola

    Its too early to give up tho

  104. bola

    Emala it is not how far but it’s how well

  105. modabeck

    lolz.. funny guys

    bola… avnt u won b4

  106. bola

    So because you have been here for long does not mean you have to win

  107. emala

    am just happy this morning God your great

  108. emala

    Bola you have won before

  109. bola

    It doesn’t matter mister modabeck

  110. emala

    I need to win am broke

  111. bola

    They did not say you can’t win twice tho

    1. modabeck

      yh I knw…. buh let emala too win… Let’s giv odas a chance too… abeg

  112. emala

    Today am going to sleep here

  113. Don Capello


  114. bola

    If you sleep here you would have bad dreams here

  115. emala

    Am tired of losing this game

  116. Don Capello

    Big up

  117. bola

    Don capello is back

  118. bola

    It’s so nice to have a fellow winner on here

  119. bola

    Today’s competition is called clash of the titans

  120. emala

    Is a lie will be dreaming the 5k

  121. Don Capello

    Back like I never left

  122. bola

    So if you are not a titan just sit back and watch

  123. bola

    Yeah the competition was not like you left it tho

  124. Don Capello

    Halla @ ur prince

  125. emala

    Allow this guy to win chai there is God ooo

  126. bola

    People are no longer smilling again

  127. emala

    Guys are returning to the match

  128. modabeck

    cmon bola…. I won d first one… I ll still compete again buh I felt odas shud b given opportunities too

  129. bola

    Sorry this guy you have to work for your win

  130. modabeck

    nd I still feel

  131. modabeck

    or wat u think Capello

  132. modabeck

    emala no giv up ooo

  133. modabeck

    It’s up to u anyways… @emala…

  134. modabeck

    I’m out guys… c u in full scale war nxt week….*winks*

  135. bola

    That’s your way bro, this is my own way

  136. bola

    Lol emala ni get choice na me get today own again

  137. bola

    I can’t wait to compete with a winner like me

  138. bola

    Cause I’ve waited enough

  139. Dammy delowo

    Wow cool

  140. bola

    It’s time for me to claim my throne

  141. bola

    Really very cool

  142. emala

    Yes ooo

  143. emala

    I will not give up ooo

  144. emala

    I suppose win as list for once

  145. emala

    modabeck yes ooo

  146. emala

    Bola have win and still contesting

  147. emala

    O mehn thank for your encouragement

  148. emala

    I don’t overlook small step of progress

  149. emala

    In life success is found in loving not just in winning

  150. bola

    Yeah I hope you don’t over look it

  151. bola

    Cause I’m definitely going to give you a tough fight

  152. bola

    It’s not easy to compete against me

  153. bola

    Because I’m always five steps ahead of you

  154. bola

    But I would definitely like to see you try

  155. emala

    Mycelebrityandi is effecting some people positive

  156. bola

    Because I’d you don’t compete with me I won’t appreciate the value of money

  157. bola

    I would just think it is easy to make noney

  158. bola

    Yeah my celebrity and I is definitely effecting me positively

  159. bola

    I’m encouraging you emala not to give up

  160. bola

    Even though I’m competing with you

  161. bola

    I still like to see people work hard for money

  162. bola

    And all of us would surely attain greatness

  163. ayokunmi

    Congratulations Boom

  164. bola

    God would crown all if us effort

  165. bola

    Ayokunmi welcome sir

  166. bola

    I need new competitors you all should come on line

  167. emala

    Bola i have crystal-clear plan

  168. bola

    I am nothing with out you guys

  169. bola

    Don’t disturb your self emala come back tomorrow

  170. bola

    Because any plan you have can not work

  171. emala

    Life can never be truly complete without God’s love

  172. bola

    I have better plans that you have bro

  173. ayokunmi

    Hustle hard to win

  174. bola

    And I would keep telling you I’m five steps ahead of you

  175. bola

    Come tomorrow emala and I would give you my blessings

  176. bola

    As you can see Ayokunmi we are definitely working hard

  177. bola

    So thanks four your word of encouragement

  178. emala

    I have faith that am going to win

  179. bola

    We are handling the situation here the best way we can

  180. ayokunmi

    Hello bola

  181. bola

    Faith is good. But let’s be realistic here

  182. bola

    Me I know that I am going to win

  183. bola

    Ayokunmi how are you doing

  184. ayokunmi

    Anybody can win

  185. bola

    Are you here for competition are you ate neutral

  186. emala

    Bola well done

  187. bola

    It’s not a matter of anybody can win it’s about the scores

  188. bola

    Emala why congratulate me now

  189. emala

    No decision is too small

  190. bola

    It is to early to start doing that

  191. bola

    Yeah I fell you no decision is certainly too small

  192. bola

    But we all just have to do the right thing

  193. emala

    To me challenges is not an excuse to quit

  194. bola

    You understand what I mean now

  195. emala

    Is all about dropping meaningful comments

  196. bola

    Yeah that is right brother, but quit

  197. bola

    Emala do you think my comments are not meaningful enough

  198. bola

    You really are just trying to console your self

  199. bola

    And that’s not the best way to go about this

  200. bola

    Just compete with me like a gentle man

  201. bola

    And stop these one that you are doing

  202. bola

    You don’t need drama like this

  203. bola

    Do back to the real matter

  204. bola

    I’m scared now cause my battery is low

  205. bola

    And I just have to win this money

  206. bola

    Cause I have made mouth to much

  207. bola

    People would just laugh at me and call me names

  208. bola

    But in sha Allah that would not happen

  209. bola

    Because in trying my best here

  210. bola

    I’m dedicating all my time today to this

  211. bola

    My parents are looking for me at home

  212. bola

    But I just have to hide so do one would send me on errands

  213. bola

    I’m in trouble, my mb remains 2mb

  214. bola

    And I don’t have any money on me

  215. bola

    My fellow competitors would be happy now I’m sure

  216. bola

    But God would make a way where there seems to be no way

  217. bola

    I know I’m winning today’s money yo

  218. bola

    Weather you all line it or not

  219. Dammy delowo


  220. bola

    Weather you all like it or not

  221. bola

    Dammy delowo what is the problem sir

  222. bola

    Welcome to this wonderful platform

  223. bola

    Hope you like what you are seeing here

  224. bola

    I’m sure you are impressed

  225. bola

    It is not easy to compete here

  226. bola

    It is only for the broad minded

  227. bola

    People that have time and perseverance

  228. bola

    People that don’t easily scare to threats

  229. bola

    Because many people here would just drop comment that would almost make you quit

  230. bola

    But they don’t know that I don’t scare easily

  231. bola

    I believe in one proverb that fight for what you what

  232. bola

    And also what would be would be

  233. bola

    I pray what would be for me is for me to win this money

  234. bola

    Because I want to throw a small party at home

  235. bola

    This competition seems to be getting easier

  236. bola

    Where are all my guys at

  237. bola

    I really don’t like being here alone

  238. emela

    bola your not going to win

  239. emela

    am do what boom deed right now

  240. emela

    God knows am not going to sleep toady

  241. emela

    all i need is light

  242. emela

    to make is not easy and not a lazy man

  243. emela

    lets watch and see oo

  244. emela

    i have been here for days oo

  245. emela

    am working for today just to get 5k

  246. emela

    is all about concentration

  247. emela

    mehn is not easy here ooo

  248. emela

    am not resting until i have comment like 500 comments

  249. emela

    i am angry with the game

  250. emela

    mehn bola your are trying oo

  251. emela

    i must win today ooo

  252. emela

    i have resume work no more going back oo

  253. emela

    i was quit since morning

  254. emela

    everything in life have season is time to play smart

  255. emela

    i was sleep since now i have wake up to collect my title

  256. emela

    bola i must defeat you today

  257. emela

    is time to posses my possession

  258. emela

    somebody have not challenge me like this before

  259. emela

    bola i must win before you

  260. emela

    i was busy since morning but now am facing the match

  261. emela

    i understand is not good to lose any game

  262. emela

    i was born to rule and win

  263. emela

    bola must be a good player

  264. emela

    mycelebrityandi have give a lesson

  265. emela

    this course is not easy to pass ooo

  266. emela

    this must be my first xmas gift

  267. emela

    am trying to implement some skills

  268. emela

    this match is for bad guyswho are ready to spend there time here

  269. emela

    i must win this money ooo

  270. emela

    i need to be hardworking

  271. boom

    Mehn bola is winning dis

  272. boom

    Co he’s really tried…kudos to u sis

  273. emela

    am trying to do the right thing at the right time

  274. emela

    mehn boz are not joking with this matter ooo

  275. emela

    boom the guy is trying

  276. emela

    boom i hope you will share the money

  277. emela

    today is hot with old guys

  278. emela

    na jobless dey cause all this wahala here

  279. emela

    am having a big fun here today

  280. emela

    nothing spoil still trying to make a point

  281. emela

    to make money in this nigeria is not easy oooo

  282. emela

    all i need to win is focus

  283. emela

    notime to laugh

  284. emela

    here is hot like nollywood

  285. emela

    am ready for the match ooo

  286. emela

    am not afraid to take a step

  287. emela

    am a big fan

  288. emela

    my eyes is pain me ooo

  289. emela

    nevertheless no going back oo

  290. emela

    am not happy with todays weather

  291. emela

    my body just dey dry

  292. emela

    i feel so so so bad

  293. mavuba

    heard of dis site

  294. mavuba

    and aw true is dis

  295. bola

    You don’t have to feel bad

  296. bola

    It’s still a competition tho

  297. bola

    Anybody can still win that is the fact

  298. bola

    But enough of me encouraging others

  299. bola

    And let me face what I am really here to do

  300. bola

    I am here to win my self good money

  301. bola

    And I am sorry for all of you that are still on the competition with me

  302. bola

    Because it is more of wasting time guys

  303. bola

    Because it is clear statistics that I’m winning

  304. bola

    As you all can see it doesn’t look like I’m quitting any time soon

  305. bola

    So you all should start hailing your new winner already

  306. bola

    Cause that for capello guy is really disturbing me

  307. bola

    But I’m not scared because his comments are not making sense

  308. bola

    So he especially should just continue wasting his time

  309. bola

    Emala is the real threat I have on here

  310. bola

    Emala well done for shaking me

  311. bola

    I really appreciate what you are making me go through here

  312. bola

    Not many people shake me like what you did today

  313. bola

    I really respect you bro

  314. bola

    And I hope you won tomorrow’s. Money

  315. bola

    Because I’m sorry I can’t spare today’s own for you

  316. bola

    Even though I feel like I should

  317. bola

    But it’s not easy sparing that kind of money

  318. bola

    You know what 5k can do in my life

  319. bola

    It can do too many things in my life

  320. bola

    I could use it to watch movie at icm

  321. bola

    In short that’s what I am going to use it to do

  322. bola

    Or I xan just use it to subscribe and compete more

  323. bola

    That would be very wicked of me

  324. bola

    Lol emala would just swear for me

  325. bola

    Okay if I win this one I would rest

  326. bola

    Cause I swear I need rest like mad

  327. bola

    After all these wahalah, I need to sleep tomorrow

  328. bola

    God I’ve not eaten since morning

  329. bola

    All in the name of money

  330. bola

    Na wah for me oh

  331. bola

    All in the name of money see what I am doing

  332. bola

    My mates are busy watching TV and in here

  333. bola

    I hope my huzzle pays of at the end of the day

  334. bola

    Because I swear today’s competition was fierce

  335. bola

    Thus capello guy did not say he would not kill me

  336. bola

    But all his comments are not making sense tho

  337. bola

    So that’s the main advantage I have over him

  338. bola

    And he is not even on this page T all

  339. bola

    May be his phone is not loading this post

  340. bola

    It is the only place he did not infect with hi rubbish posts

  341. bola

    I think it’s been long he visited this blog

  342. bola

    That’s why he does not know that you can’t write rubbish again

  343. bola

    He thinks he’s the only one that can write rubbish

  344. bola

    Mehn in my days I was the king of writing rubbish

  345. bola

    But all that has changed now

  346. bola

    If you want to win money be legit

  347. bola

    Phcn thank you for d f*ck up t0day

  348. bola

    You guys are mad

  349. bola

    And network una try thumbs up

  350. bola

    But most of all to my phone for not giving up on me

  351. bola

    It is not easy to be here since morning I tell you

  352. bola

    When I dozed off I was dreaming that I was still commenting

  353. bola

    As in this thing is crazy I swearr

  354. bola

    The emotional stress is madt

  355. bola

    Bug it’s all worth it

  356. bola

    When I’m smiling to the bank at the end of the day

  357. bola

    You all would then know what I am talking about

  358. bola

    This life, no easy oh I tell you

  359. bola

    Our government no try at all

  360. bola

    No job no money nothing nothing

  361. bola

    I’m feeling dizzy right now sef, but I can’t sleep oh

  362. bola

    Sleep is a luxury I can’t afford now

  363. bola

    I just have to stay Awake till midnight

  364. bola

    Too I see the winner is bola

  365. bola

    I would then have sound sleeo

  366. bola

    Mosquito be biting me as if na don capello send am

  367. bola

    You guys should chill na

  368. bola

    1 hour 30 minutes remaining

  369. bola

    And then you guys can feed off me

  370. bola

    I really don’t know what to say anymore

  371. bola

    It’s as if my brain is already empty

  372. bola

    As if I have said down all what is in my brain

  373. bola

    A ND there’s nothing to come out o it anymore

  374. bola

    So let me start praying for my celebrity and I again

  375. bola

    As prayer is the only thing that can not finish in my mouth

  376. bola

    God bless you guys for what you are doing

  377. bola

    You people would surely attain greatness

  378. bola

    Your blog would never close down

  379. bola

    No evil shall befall the founder of the blog

  380. bola

    Hood health for your wife and children

  381. bola

    God bless me too for visiting this blog

  382. bola

    And for the person that introduced me to this blog

  383. bola

    All of us would meet at the top

  384. ayokunmi

    All is well

  385. bola

    Because that’s where we are all destined to meet

  386. bola

    I believe there is going to be change soon

  387. bola

    Change is definitely constant in life

  388. bola

    I pray for positive changes in our life

  389. bola

    And it would come to our lives

  390. bola

    By the special grace of God

  391. bola

    We thank god its getting to midnight already

  392. bola

    It would soon be over

  393. bola

    Even though my battery is already low

  394. bola

    I pray it doesn’t die before 12

  395. bola

    Because my phone could be shitty at times

  396. bola

    I pray it consider me. At least today

  397. bola

    I would appreciate it very much

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