The 4 Dubai Messages That Forced Tacha To Change Her Phone Number

Big Brother 2019 reality star Natacha Akide, popularly known as Tacha, announced Monday that she’s changed her phone number after receiving toxic WhatsApp messages from an unidentified person.

In an Instagram Live video, the 23-year-old said she has no idea how her phone number got out but that the “cool thing is that I have a new number right now.”

“Even if you are mentally unstable, even if you are mad, why would you send this to anybody? why would you wanna drag my mum into your mess? This is sad. This is disappointing. But to whoever leaked my number…you are a sadist..” she said in the video.

We understands that the messages, which were sent using a Dubai-registered phone number, entered Tacha’s phone in five strings.

Tacha”, the unknown sender wrote followed by a smiley emoji.

Madam body odor“, “Mercy’s case will you“, “Daughter of a dead b**ch” and “Stupid ass smellos”, were the four messages that followed. (See picture below.)

“After getting this message,” Tacha said, “Am like…’You know what’ not gonna try to be on WhatsApp just going to straight up change my number.”

Tacha said she “literally doesn’t care what people say about” her but for the person to call her mum a b**ch is something she can’t stomach, describing it as “absurd”.

The ‘Port Harcourt first daughter’, said she’s not “lukewarm”; she is either “hot or cold” and doesn’t have time, therefore trying to pull her in any mess is like “f***ing with the wrong one”.

She said she has a lot of things she’s working on and she’s been distracted by work.

Tacha text

Tacha also wrote on her page telling the Titansher fansto ignore every form of negativity as that would make their haters stop the ‘dragging’.

“To still have your mother alive is a blessing and to have lost her is not a curse. This drag of a thing is getting out of hand.

“Why can’t bloggers let these people have rest?

“You can do your drag without putting their lives in danger by exposing their private number or private details.

“I must say that dragging someone ‘s dead mother into this is really horrible.

“Please this has to stop. If we love our favorite as we claim let’s stop this and let her have peace.

“One thing about internet bullies is this; once their actions no longer hurt you or get to your nerve they will stop. So my point is this; once we stop responding to their negativity and ignore them, they will stop dramatically.

“Please let’s use this energy to hype our favorite instead of responding to negativity,” she wrote on her page.

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