T.B Joshua Can Not Be Mocked Today, The Prophesy Of The Prophet Has Come To Pass

It seems like the prophesy of the Prophet is coming to pass as recently China the primary place the disease started officially announced that there are no new cases of it in their country.

Before 27/3/20

The world health organization (WHO) has confirmed global improvement of situations. Cases are been recovered and cured.

The second largest case country( Italy),564 Italians COVID-19 patients signed out of the hospital.

Many more African countries

Zambians COVID-19 patients Signed out of the Hospital.

6 and more Nigerians COVID-19 patients are discharged out of hospital.

And the Prophet said, rain will take away the pandemic, since then, there’s downpour, the world has been seen raining from the beginning of this month of March till the end of March.

Pls stop criticizing the LORD’S prophet.

prophecy starts manifestation from the spiritual realm.It takes faith to make it manifest sooner than pronounced.

faith is the ability to believe things not yet seen. Heb.11:1.

To us that believe corona virus has ended even before the sun rises today 27th March.

what ever remains after today is just it shadow that will permanently fade away as days go by. and also Remember, some people are profiting from the situation so they’ll keep on making gains.

My people, I pray, your faith will not fail you, let the sick say I am healed and the weak say I am strong….I stand with the Prophet by faith.

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