Solihull Moors Boss Tim Flowers: Premier League Kids Should Try Conference

Solihull Moors boss Tim Flowers believes Premier League youngsters should try the Conference.

Former Leicester City and Blackburn Rovers goalkeeper Flowers believes a spell in English football’s uncompromising fifth tier would serve teenage players infinitely better than the modern finishing school of the Under 23 divisions.

“It would give them an insight into the other side of the game. We can all say they get too much, too early, but at times that is true,” he told the Daily Mail.

“They get put on smile money and it’s money that keeps them comfortable without having to do anything. Until I was 21 or 22 I was on Β£100 a week and even back then that wasn’t a lot.

“Under 23s football – very rarely do you go and watch and think ‘I enjoyed that’. 50 passes a goal, trying to produce a player for an elite level.

“There’s a heavy tackle and everyone is going, ‘he can’t do that at this level’ And I’m thinking, ‘well, he can at mine!’

“I’m asking ‘are you big and strong?’ or ‘are you small but have a bit of steel in you?’ I’m always wary of No 10s and ball players who flit in and out of games. That is not this division.”