Skolopad Opens Up On Why Her Ideal Partner Is A Married Man

Known for posting nude pictures, the controversial artist revealed the reasoning behind her preference for married men.

Speaking to the Daily Sun Skolopad said, “I really wouldn’t mind having a man in my life but he should be a married man.

“I had cervical cancer which means I can’t have kids. That’s why I want someone who is married and already has kids.”

Furthermore, she stated that she wants nothing more than to be someone’s makwapheni (side-chick).

Skolopad also revealed that she is open to a polygamous relationship equating it to a sisterhood.

“What I’ve seen is that if you are in a polygamous relationship, you find new sisters. If one sister can’t do something, the other sister does it.

As for me, I would help by being the trophy wife to go with the husband to special events.”

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