Saturday, January 23

Sheffield United Dog Pees All Over Teams Work Out During Training

Its was surprising for Sheffield United Players… who were getting ready for their big Premier League showdown with Liverpool on Thursday when a dog ran onto the field at Stanley Park and peed all over a practice cone!

At first, the players seemed a bit confused as to why the dog was there — but when the 4-legged fan lifted his leg and opened fire, you can hear the whole team crack up laughing.

Funny moment … but now, they’ve gotta focus quick — Liverpool is #1 in the Premier League. They’re 18-1-0 on the season so far and look unstoppable.

Meanwhile, Sheffield United is in 8th place … they’re 7-8-5 this season, but they’ve won 3 out of their last 5.

As for the dog … no idea who it belongs to or how it got onto the field, but c’mon, that’s funny stuff!

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