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Senator Shehu Sani Defend President Buhari’s Foreign Trips

Senator Shehu Sani Defend President Buhari’s Foreign Trips 


Senator Shehu Sani who represents Kaduna Central in the Senate and serves as the deputy Chairman of the Senate committee on Foreign Affairs, has described as necessary the various foreign trips President Buhari has made since assuming office in May 29th. According to Sani, Buhari’s trips outside Nigeria have not been as “Frivolous” as those of Former President Goodluck Jonathan. Sani said this in an interview with Leadership newspaper.

“The travels of President Muhammadu Buhari are necessary. These travels are very necessary for him to work out a programme for the economy. All the countries that he has been to, he has secured a good deal for Nigeria. He was in Iran for the 3rd Gas Exporting Countries Forum(GEFC), because as you already know, Nigeria is a major gas exporter. He travelled to Malta for security and Agricultural development, and as you also know, Nigeria is a major agricultural country. He also travelled to France on the issue of environment and climate change. So you cannot have a President that would simply sit at home and not travel. It doesn’t work that way. The travels are an opportunity for the President to project Nigeria and also bring the attention of the world to Nigeria. So his journeys are not as frivolous as those of President Goodluck Jonathan. We are living in an inter-dependent world, so it’s not possible for a president not to travel, so those who are complaining that he is travelling are ignorant. They don’t know what it takes to run an economy. And I will want to say in very clear terms that, President Muhammadu Buhari is the most prudent President in terms of travels. His travels have not gulped the kind of resources, his predecessors’ travels gulped. And we should also not forget that the party in power made promises of revamping the economy, creating jobs, protecting our borders and ending corruption, and before you can fulfil all these promises, you must work with other global leaders. For example, our president wants looted funds stashed in some of these countries, to be returned home, and if we don’t cooperate with other nations around the world, these things cannot be achieved. How can we be able to repatriate the stolen funds, how can the president protect our borders without visiting those countries?‎”he said

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  1. sniper boy

    What’s wrong with our president going for foreign trips tho

  2. sniper boy

    What’s wrong with our president going for forgeign trips tho

  3. sniper boy

    Why would people just like saying nonsense really on don’t know

  4. sniper boy

    I just feel people should just cool down and follow the ei true self

  5. sniper boy

    Criticising you president won’t life the country to greater heights

  6. sniper boy

    some people just like saying rubbish about each other tho

  7. sniper boy

    All of them would just be saying rubbish about our amiable president

  8. sniper boy

    But some people just fail to realise the point that it’s not about the foreign trips

  9. sniper boy

    Maybe we should just try and be able to be the man we are

  10. sniper boy

    But this president buhari is one of the problem is Nigeria is fucked

  11. sniper boy

    But many of them don’t even have sense and they don’t always know what to do

  12. sniper boy

    But the problem is the pdp fans outside Nigeria

  13. sniper boy

    But the things the people are doing is not right as it’s spoiling the rep of the country

  14. sniper boy

    But in all aspects you should just be yourself and be the man

  15. sniper boy

    But the problem is that we need to stop all this nonsense

  16. sniper boy

    But the problem is that what ever you do you would get the point

  17. sniper boy

    But God knows best and we all know what we are looking

  18. sniper boy

    We all know this guy is trying for our country and we really know the problem

  19. sniper boy

    President buhari is a type of person that when he acts

  20. sniper boy

    But the problem is people when they don’t really know what they want

  21. sniper boy

    But let’s just give thanks to God that we have a good president

  22. sniper boy

    But this is the best gig we can ever think of having tho

  23. sniper boy

    But when you really like your president no matter the flaw you would like him

  24. sniper boy

    I’m a very strict buhari fan and online his ways really I swear

  25. sniper boy

    But the problem is that we have plenty problems in this country

  26. sniper boy

    When the wahalah now comes you won’t be able to handle it

  27. sniper boy

    The guy is going to handle international matters outside the country and you guys are criticising him it’s wrong

  28. sniper boy

    They are never satisfied with what they have Nigerians always tend to want more out of life

  29. sniper boy

    And that’s why we always find it difficult to move forward in tiered sef

  30. sniper boy

    Bit the problem is that we would still get to where we are going

  31. Don Capello

    This foreign trips is too much ooo

  32. Don Capello

    Please focus on naija first

  33. Don Capello

    We voted u in not foreign countries

  34. Don Capello

    Unless u using style to go for check up there too

  35. Don Capello

    We want an active president

  36. Don Capello

    We want someone here not so so travellin

  37. Don Capello

    We have enuf pressin matters here in naija

  38. Don Capello

    So before travel consider those here first

  39. Don Capello

    People are suffering and you travellin with countries funds

  40. Don Capello

    As a president few travels is ookk

  41. Don Capello

    Even president Obama don’t travel like our president normally do

  42. Don Capello

    Where are u travelling too what can those people offer us?

  43. Don Capello

    Please biko stop supportin him

  44. Don Capello

    In his campaign promises he didn’t say he will travel with his first tenure

  45. Don Capello

    We are waiting for u to get to work

  46. Don Capello

    Not travelling to and fro tyme is going. CHEERS

  47. Don Capello

    We didn’t vote for international president

  48. Don Capello

    Its a national one we voted for come and rule

  49. Don Capello

    Nigerians can sometimes act blind what is travelling go to do for us fight boko haram or what

  50. Don Capello

    APC we are watching ooo don’t be a one tenure party

  51. yalu

    Sumtimz I find it hard understanding issues as regard dis country. People seem 2 hav problems wit evry to tin, if he doesn’t travel it w’ll b an issue, he’s travelling it’s an issue. Nigeria nids help.

  52. sniper boy

    The problem is citizens of this country are confused

  53. sniper boy

    Most people like to say rubbish and talk out of point really

  54. sniper boy

    But I think it is up to us the citizens that should let ourself know it’s wrong

  55. sniper boy

    This is a man that’s trying to mend holes created be former president

  56. sniper boy

    The real thing we are supposed to complain about we won’t

  57. sniper boy

    We the citizens are the ones that can lift this country with positive thinking I swear

  58. sniper boy

    Negativity would not take us any where and we know this

  59. sniper boy

    Leave sai baba to do his best and God would do the rest

  60. sniper boy

    I believe president buhari has what it takes to better this country and move it to a greater height

  61. Don Capello

    Well he got a point thou

  62. Don Capello

    Buhari is an illiterate

  63. Don Capello

    Shehu is a politician

  64. Don Capello

    They are both lucky

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