Thursday, December 3

See Photo Of Alobi Nsor, Medical Doctor Killed By Boko Haram In Borno Attack

Tribute To Major.(Dr) Alobi Nsor, Doctor Killed In Metele Attack

Nigeria Loses A Gallant Soldier!

Cross River State Loses A Son!!

Farewell Maj.(Dr) Alobi Nsor, my kinsman from Olulumo Eburutu who was hacked down by Boko Haram terrorists at Matele, Borno State on 19th November, 2018. Alobi, you were a fine gentleman, gallant soldier and a brilliant medical doctor. You died in active service in defense of a nation with broken wings and flippant promises. Your eldest brother, Late Dr Edim Nsor was my very good friend and age mate.

I feel the pains of your beloved father who invested so much in his “boys”, two of whom became medical doctors but died in their prime. I’m deeply pained and terribly saddened by your untimely demise my beloved younger brother. I knew you as a calm and soft spoken young man.

Farewell my beloved brother!
Adieu Major!
Rest in the bosom of the Lord Doc!
By Missang Oyama

May his gentle gallant soul rest in peace !

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