Tuesday, November 24

Russian Soldier Proposes To Girlfriend Arranging 16 Tanks To Form Heart Shape

A lieutenant in the Russian army used 16 tanks to form a heart shape before he proposed to his delighted girlfriend who said yes.

Platoon commander Denis Kazantsev paused war games on Valentine’s Day and ordered the T-72B2 tanks to make the romantic shape at the Alyabino training ground, near Moscow.

In the video, the tanks are seen being moved into position before aerial footage shows them in the shape of a heart.

Lieutenant Kazantsev is then seen guiding his girlfriend, Alexandra Kopytova, who has her eyes covered, as they walk into the centre of the shape.

Lieutenant Kazantsev then lifts his delighted girlfriend into the air and twirls her around

Lt Kazantsev explained: ‘I postponed the proposal for about one month to organise all this so it would be unforgettable, once in a lifetime.

‘It was not easy but with time my commanders agreed to let me do this.’

The pair are then seeing walking away together as Ms Kopytova looks at the new ring on her finger.

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