Reprudencia Sonkey, known by her stage name Dencia revealed on WakeUpNigeria, that she is scared of giving birth because of the big belly and the feeling of something walking in her stomach.

The Cameroon/Nigerian singer and entrepreneur who came to the studio in her sleeping wears, explained while in a chat with Titilayo Oyebola Adelagun-Oyinsan, how she can’t wait to have a child but she is scared and would possibly use a surrogate.

“I can’t wait to have a child but I am scared. I’m scared of having a big belly. I am scared of something walking in my stomach. Yea, it a beautiful feeling but it’s creepy. I come from a very strong family where we can do anything for ourselves, we talk everyday and communicate well. I have this deal with my sister that if I’m still scared to get pregnant within the next few years, she’s gonna be my surrogate. I want twins, so she will help me carry the babies. She was supposed to carry a baby for me years ago but she got pregnant for herself. I think about who I want to get married to and it has to be an African man. I only date African men.”

Speaking about the controversies around her on social media, she noted that she mentions whoever mentions her.

“I didn’t mention them! There are quite a number of people who mention you and you mention them back. I don’t start ‘non’, so don’t start ‘non’. I don’t talk about people, I am very careful about myself. I care about me , I don’t care about what the next person is doing. But when you throw dirt on my name, then we have a problem.”

When asked if she does these things for publicity stunts, she revealed her fear.

“I don’t need the limelight, fame is a scary thing for me. If fame does not scare you, then you have not seen fame. I’m in Hollywood, I see what fame does to people, it scares me. And that’s why I’ve been out of the lime light for a minute. I’ve not been in Nigeria to do music in 6 years because I think like ‘is this worth it?’ I’ve seen fame destroy some people. The end goal for me is about money and that’s why I have my business. What’s the point of being famous if you can’t cash on it. I sincerely don’t do anything for publicity stunt, I’m a very weird private person”

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