Friday, November 27

Renowned Nigerian artist, David Dale, dies at Military Hospital Yaba after a long battle with stroke

David Dale, a renowned Nigerian artist has died at the Military Hospital, Yaba, at about 4am, on August 6th 2019 after a long and traumatic battle with stroke.


The artist, famous for the stained glass technique had been in and out of coma, and recently he broke a thigh bone that required a surgery. Thereafter, he suffered another stroke that impaired his speech and ability to recognise people.


Born in 1947 in Nigeria to a Scottish father and a Nigerian mother, Dale moved to the United Kingdom to live with an aunt at age two. He returned to Nigeria to finish his secondary education at St. Gregory’s College, Lagos.


Dale had worked consistently in 23 different media during his four decades old career. Among his regular medium are oil, beads, glass bead works, water colour, gouache, stained glass media in three different styles including wrought iron, etchings, mosaic, and lino prints.

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