Tuesday, November 24

Real Madrid Set New Defensive Record

The win over Atletico Madrid in the derby not only secured the top spot in the league, but also set a new record for Real Madrid. With 13 goals conceded in 22 games, Zidane’s side are now the lowest-conceding Madrid in LaLiga history at this stage of the season.

You have to look back more than 30 years, to the 1987/88 season, to find the record that the Whites have just surpassed. On that occasion, the Real Madrid team conceded 14 goals in their first 22 matches. Also in the 1961/62 and 1964/65 seasons this record was achieved.  In those three seasons, Real Madrid ended up winning LaLiga.

Clean sheets
If there’s one thing that stands out about the defensive solidity of the squad, it’s the number of times the team has kept a clean sheet. They have remained unbeaten in 12 LaLiga games and 16 in all competitions.  These statistics have been key to the continuation of the whites’ unbeaten run in the last 21 matches.

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