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Quit Notice: No Arrest Shows Nigerians Are Not Equal – Uranta

Quit Notice: No Arrest Shows Nigerians Are Not Equal – Uranta 

Niger Delta activist, Tony Uranta, has condemned the ultimatum by Arewa youths that Igbos should vacate the region within three months.

He lamented that lack of arrests one week after the threat was issued had confirmed that some Nigerians were bigger than others.

Uranta said this yesterday during the commemoration of the June 12 election anniversary which was organised by the Oodua Peoples Congress (OPC) in Lagos.

His words “I was concerned when I heard the threat issued by northerners against Igbo to leave the North because it shows that it is the lack of knowledge that makes us do things that would hurt us.

“The fact that the Federal Government is dragging its feet in arresting those who issued the threat is an indication that some people are better than others and it does not speak well.”

In his speech, the guest lecturer, Dr. Chiedozie Okoro, warned that delay in restructuring of Nigeria will have negative effects for the country.

“For over a decade now, Nigeria has been bestridden by serious agitations for freedom. MEND, MASSOB, IPOB, OPC, Niger Delta Avengers, Boko Haram, etc all represent the interest of various ethnic and religious groups in the country agitating for the freedom of their people.

“All of these points to one fact, with their protests, the people are openly saying the unitary system of government is burdensome and unfavourable and they are bitter about this.

“Restructuring should be vehemently and persistently pursued. It should not be delayed because ethnic nationality consciousness is rife and is not about to subside,” he said.

Meanwhile, in reaction to the “Kaduna Declaration”, the Igbo Ekunie Initiative (IEI), has urged all self-determination groups in the south to jointly seek a referendum from the United Nations to form Southern Nigeria.

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  1. Adeyemi Adedigba

    Tony Uranta, has condemned the ultimatum by Arewa youths that Igbos should vacate the region within three months, but why can’t he go there to tell them? When the foolish people at the eastern part were doing theirs, he didn’t condemn it. We all knew it was wrong of the northern youths to issue ultimatum to eastern people, we condemned it and still blaming the federal government for dragging their feet’s but I don’t expect this kind of people to talk.

  2. Abdulmumin Fadlullah

    What a sentimental conclusion, why is he calling for restructuring. What most of this people don’t know is that if at all the restructuring happens, it’s not going to benefit anyone.

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