Princess Shyngle Busted After Stealing American Model’s body to deceive her followers

Princess Shyngle was forced to delete Instagram user and American Model, Miss Lulu Simmons’ “body” from her page after being publicly shamed by the model.

The Gambian-born actress had shared the photo on Instagram though with the model’s head ‘missing’. She also dragged those she claimed blamed her after getting cheated on by her boyfriend in the Instagram post.

Calling out Princess Shyngle for stealing her ‘body’ and passing it off as hers after the post went viral, Miss Lulu Simmons disclosed that she got blocked after she nicely asked for her February 2017 photo to be taken down.

Weirdo energy.. can you guys tell @princesshyngle1 to delete my photo off her page. I already asked nicely but then blocks me.

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