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President Goodluck Jonathan Can’t Control His Wife, Patience – Wikileaks Claims
Scandals and Rumours

President Goodluck Jonathan Can’t Control His Wife, Patience – Wikileaks Claims 

Wikileaks have been releasing some deadly articles and emails lately.

This one has just been discovered. Read it below exactly as it was published by Wikileaks

First Lady Patience Jonathan “runs her own show and the husband has little or no control over her,” a U.S, cable leaked by Wikileaks has said, stressing that she has a more forceful personality than the husband.

All Africa Dot Com
Related, I’ve heard that both of them and their elite supporters are
always on the look out for business deals to get involved in.

Email-ID 2359276
Date 2011-09-07 16:23:51

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  1. MsDee

    we know ds

  2. MsDee

    she’ll be forming first lady up n down

  3. MsDee

    market woman in aso rock

  4. MsDee

    they ought to av replaced her since

  5. MsDee

    Jonathan is scared of her

  6. MsDee

    hes just a loyal husband

  7. MsDee

    shes a bad rep for nigeria

  8. MsDee

    mistress of gbagaun

  9. MsDee

    her English is mighty

  10. Adedigba Adeyemi

    That means it’s been happening since they got married? How come?

  11. Adedigba Adeyemi

    How did you know that?

  12. Adedigba Adeyemi

    Were you leaving with them?

  13. Adedigba Adeyemi

    Like you sleeps in the same bed with them

  14. Adedigba Adeyemi

    Or, were you paid to cause stirs?

  15. Adedigba Adeyemi

    Have do you have to post such things when election is around the corner?

  16. Adedigba Adeyemi

    Seems this person was bribed to cause them havoc

  17. Adedigba Adeyemi

    What is your business in there private life?

  18. Adedigba Adeyemi

    Why do you have to do this for GOD sake

  19. Adedigba Adeyemi

    Why do you have to do this for GOD sake and who sent you?

  20. Adedigba Adeyemi

    Better go get a good lifeand be doing going things to have a good life

  21. Adedigba Adeyemi

    And stop seeing faults in their private and peaceful family

  22. Adedigba Adeyemi

    Face and take care of your own home first

  23. Adedigba Adeyemi

    Before you judge others

  24. Adedigba Adeyemi

    Not even a Nigeria President

  25. Adedigba Adeyemi

    Or you think because we comments on this gives you loads of fames?

  26. Quincy

    I cant say i blame her. Almost all politicians have that bad blood in them always looking for higher and bigger deals. Dont judge her or them rather until you are sure of the authenticity of the story.

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