President Buhari Rejects Trailer of Rams as Sallah Gift

A prominent Katsina elder statesman was on Tuesday shocked to his marrow when his trailer load of rams as Sallah to Muhammadu

Buhari was outrightly rejected.

According to Newsrescue, President Buhari, a native of Katsina is reported to have immediately directed that the trailer be turned back and returned to the sender without delay.

This development further confirms Buhari’s statement during his swearing-in ceremony, where he said he belonged to everybody and to nobody.


  1. sniper boy

    Nice move, cause nobody gives free gift this days without motive, after the man drops the ram, he might start to think he has presidential connection. So sai baba cleared his doubts

  2. sniper boy

    If the man wants to give gifts, he should transport his rams to. Idp camps, or mother less babies home I’m sure it would be of better use to them than the president

  3. sniper boy

    The man should be happy, At least the president saved money for him, it’s a loose win situation, and both parties gained something

  4. sniper boy

    But buhari sef is too strict, he should have diverted the rams to people he knows that need it, but he a president and I’m not, it’s his decision and I hope he made the best decision

  5. sniper boy

    During the days of Jonathan we didn’t hear encouraging news like this, I’m sure broadband jonah would be like, we tin dey do this old man sef, why he dey do like say na him holy pass

  6. wolex

    The person dat bring ram is a foolish man,d person dat there b4 colectn both ram n other gift was a foolish man also.but, d person dat rejected useles ram,he don’t want 2 b compromise lik others,cus dis s a where intimidating start 4rm. ram,wht Mr president would use ram do.(Se wiwon epo ni,abi ti a ri owo ra)
    we kno as n dey go.

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