Friday, December 4

Phyno Attacks Journalist Who Criticised Him On Social Media, Calls Him A ‘Goat’

Nigerian musician Phyno recently took to social media to attack a journalist

The journalist had written that the king from the east had a bad year

This did not sit well with the Obago crooner and he labelled the journalist a tribal fool and he also called him a goat

In an unusual outburst, famous Nigerian musician Phyno took to his social media page to slam a journalist who commented about how he has had a bad 2018.

The journalist – Joey Akan – had written via his twitter page that the well-loved musician from the east had a bad year and as such wasn’t any part of any conversation.

However, this did not sit well with Phyno as he also took to his Twitter page to respond to Joey’s tweet. His response raised a lot of eyebrows as he threw all decorum to the air and severely insulted the journalist.

He went ahead to call him a tribal fool as well as the Igbo word for goat ‘ewu.’ Not done, he also threatened Joey asking him to mind his business.

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