People In The Industry Are Targeted If They Do Not Conform Or “Kiss Ass” – Lerato Kganyago

Lerato Kganyago has never been one to hold her tongue, and the star once again fired a broadside shot at the entertainment industry explaining that she is not looking for validation or approval.

The star, who earlier this year put industry “savages” on blast, took to Twitter on Thursday to claim that stars are often treated differently if they do not cosy up to “important people”.

“You automatically get a target on your back when you’ve never asked for approval or validation from certain ‘important people’ in this industry.”

She said that she was not about that life and would not conform to their expectations.

“Some of us came here to work and do better, not to kiss ass or belong to a certain ‘clique’,” she added.

Lerato has spoken out before about having to be “a man at heart” to survive in the industry and working hard to be taken seriously.

“When I got into this industry I knew what I was getting myself into. Not everyone will like you,” she once told Sunday World.

Besides working in radio and TV, the star has also carved out a career as a club DJ, often speaking about her experiences in the male-dominated craft.

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