Thursday, January 21

People I Care About Always Treat Me Like Sh*t – Sarah Langa

Model Sarah Langa has opened up about the heartbreak and pain she feels after her trust is broken by people she thought were close to her.

It can be hard to trust people when you have been burnt before or you don’t know their full intentions. Sarah shared her experience with this on social media recently, claiming people she cares about sometimes don’t feel the same about her. She pleaded for protection.

“People I care about always treat me like sh*t and jump at the opportunity to discredit me. Really breaks my heart. Can someone please protect me?” she wrote.

Sarah explained that she was not about that drama life but drama always seemed to find her.

“I try my best to be drama free, accommodating and caring. Sometimes I look around and see everyone turn their backs at me. Why?”

The star found support in her fans who flooded the comments section of her post to share their love.

But that wasn’t the only thing weighing heavily on her mind.

The star was in contemplative mode and even apologised for comments she made several years ago about gender equality.

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