Wednesday, January 20

Paris Hilton Left Fiance At The Airport, Speeds Off With $2m Ring

Paris Hilton was so distracted by her new $2 million engagement ring that she didn’t immediately notice that her new fiance wasn’t in the car when her driver sped away from LAX on Thursday.

The pair just returned to Los Angeles from their trip to Aspen for New Year’s Eve where the actor proposed to the Hilton heiress with a giant, pear-shaped engagement ring worth $2 million dollars.

According to Daily Mail,Hilton, 36, entered the awaiting SUV with her luggage before her driver bolted as paparazzi congratulated her.

Zylka, 32, was left alone on the curb.

Photographers teased The Amazing Spider-Man actor, ‘dude, they left you behind.’

He jokingly responded, ‘I’m her fiance, [they] might not want to leave me.’

After a quick trip around the airport terminal, Paris returned to pick-up her precious cargo.

The former reality star’s diamond is so large, she’s hired security guards to shadow her,’ according to a source who confirmed the news to TMZ.

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