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Nollywood Actress Monalisa Chinda Speaks On Her Failed Marriage 

Nollywood Actress Monalisa Chinda Speaks On Her Failed Marriage  

  The actress said she regrets being divorced because as the first daughter from a royal family, it was never expected that she will walk out of her matrimonial home.

“I tried to make it work but it takes two people to tango. That’s the only thing I regret. raising my child without a father. It’s a bit painful. But I have to live with it. It’s better that way than to expose my daughter to all sorts of domestic violence. It will definitely disorient her and affect her upbringing. She will be dis-functional. God knows the best. Maybe I should be more careful.”

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  1. sniper boy

    She’s hot

  2. sniper boy

    I wonder why some men beat their wives

  3. sniper boy

    It’s a very lame thing to do

  4. sniper boy

    God bless her reasoning sha

  5. sniper boy

    I hate it when marriages end

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