Thursday, January 28

Nigerians Decry Preference Of Foreign Foods To Indigenous Dishes

Some FCT residents have decried the preference of continental dishes to indigenous foods.

They told NAN on Wednesday that the country was fast losing its rich cultural dishes to foreign foods.

Mrs Chinyere Akhimien, a caterer, decried the rate at which the country was fast losing its rich cultural foods to foreign dishes.

Akhimien blamed Nigerian’s appetite on foreign dishes as the factor responsible for the country losing its unique cultural food delicacies.

She said that most Nigerian dishes were more natural than continental foods, adding that indigenous foods could help reduce health-related problems.

She said that the body chemistry of most Nigerians abhor continental dishes.

“Looking back to the age of our forefathers, we can critically observe that they grow old before they die.

“The only thing responsible for this is because of the intake of fresh foods like all kinds of vegetables and fruits.

“As Nigerians, We do not need to copy foreign culture. We have gone to the extent of copying everything about them ranging from fashion and lifestyles to food,’’ Akhimien said.

She added that indigenous dishes were not acidic because they were foods made from natural source which could preserve and prolong the age of man.

She suggested the need for cultural groups to sensitise the communities on the need to imbibe the habit of eating balanced diet for a healthy living.

Mr Adetiba Ajayi, a food nutritionist, said that keeping the body and mind at par was paramount to eating good and natural foods.

Ajayi noted that though both dishes were good, it was essential for Nigerians not to throw away their culture.

According to him, our local dishes will help promote the country’s culture even in the outside world.

But he said; “to help mental, psychological and social development of the mind, the culture of eating traditional food must be imbibed.’’

Mrs Roseline Essien, a civil servant, said she avoids junks foods, chocolates and juice with preservatives.

“The indigenous food should be more preferred because we have our style of cooking,” she said.

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