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Nigerian Model, Bertha Amuga Shares her Terrible Experience in the hands of Kidnappers

Nigerian Model, Bertha Amuga Shares her Terrible Experience in the hands of Kidnappers 


The international model took to her social media page to share her terrible experience. Read her below….

“On the 5th of January, I left Port Harcourt around 7:30 for Ogbakiri which is my maternal home. On my way driving to Ogbakiri, I drove to a distance before realizing that i’ve missed my way. I decided to slow down to ask for direction, unknown to me, the people on the road were kidnappers. They rushed out and started shooting. I was shocked, i tried to escape with my younger brother on the front sit. As I drove to a distance I realized that my tyre was damaged. I stopped at Emuoha Odouha junction and immediately called my pastor, uncle, dad, and elder sister. A guy walk up to me and asked me what was happening, I explained and begged him to help me change my car tyre not knowing he was one of them. Immediately he finished, my uncle arrived with a hired taxi and hurried me up for us to leave that place because it’s a very dangerous area. As I was driving, I noticed the car was shaking, the tire wanted to pull off because of the bad work one of the kidnappers did on it. I was losing control of the car as i was trying to drive as fast as possible to get off that area. I later lost control of the car and derailed in to the bushy part of the road. I parked there and picked up all the valuable documents in my car. We were trying to look for a taxi when the kidnappers came. We started running…They finally got me and carried me away with my eyes covered. They took me to an unknown location and i was there for 3 days before i was released after some amount of money was paid to them.
I left Rivers for Lagos as soon as i can because i was feeling so sick and emotionally depressed.
Thanks to some good friends and family that were there for me during the time. I still haven’t gotten over it till now….but i’m much better now.
Thank God for saving my life. Am sharing this because it’s important you guys know there’s a lot going on out there that we aren’t even aware of, many have lost their lives from incidents like this, please be vigilant and careful. God bless”

Mmmmmmh may God continue to guide and protect us o.

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  1. sniper boy

    South south people and kidnapping na wah for them

  2. Adeyemi Adedigba

    This is another serious issue, God help us

  3. olamide

    Change we need

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