Nigerian Man Shares His Mom’s Inspirational Message Before Dying Of Breast Cancer

A Nigerian man identified as @Mr_Schmooze on instagram, took to the platform to share his mom’s inspirational message just before she died of breast cancer.

@Mr_Schmooze revealed that she died following a 2-year battle with breast cancer.

He wrote;

Inspiration for anyone dealing with this soap opera called life.

My mum passed on 2 weeks after this recording, following a 2-year battle with breast cancer.

Beloved’s Day 13-2-13. “It’s not the news, It’s how you recieve it”.

it is not the news that is bad, but it is the spirit which you receive the news with that defines how bad it is.

She further said;

whatever one is passing through, he/she should try to see goodnews in it. When you’re able to take your bad news as goodnews, you’ll be able to build up your faith, and overcome.

See the video below;

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