Wednesday, January 20

Nigerian Lady Destroys Her Boyfriend’s Apartment Over Cheating Claim

A Nigerian lady has destroyed boyfriend’s apartment over cheating
Hell had no fury like a woman scorned and so is the case of a Delta-based lady identified as Christabel
Christabel has proven to her boyfriend, Tony…or now Ex, that she is truly scorned.
Christabel heard from a supposed reliable source that her man was cheating on her and had taken another woman home.
Things got quite ugly when she got to the house and decided to teach the man she loved a lesson.
According to reports, in anger and tears, the infuriated girlfriend vandalised her Tony’s apartment and made a huge mess before walking out.
The photos from the end result of the emotional tantrum was shared on social media and everyone is sure that a man who gets caught cheating is inviting hell, fire and brimstone into his house and heart.
Before leaving, sources claim she rained curses on him and allegedly called him a “cripple” who she had just been making do with.

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