Nigeria Ministerial List Released by President Buhari to Saraki

Nigeria Ministerial list that the whole country has been waiting for is finally here! Senate leader Bukola Saraki made the announcement on his twitter page. He shared pictures of him receiving the ministerial list. Saraki received the ministerial list from President Buhari’s chief of staff. I am so excited about this list and i know i am not the only one. For it is this ministerial list that will determine the kind of men who will rule Nigeria for the next for years and give us an idea of where the country is heading to.



  1. Adeyemi Adedigba

    Let us hope that whoever is chosen to be there guide us well and deliver in his or her duty. So far so good, the leaked or rumours list we have senn is not encouraging but we have to hope for positive and support them with our prayers and the rest

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