Nigeria is Rich in Uranium – Jeta Amata

Nigeria is rich in Uranium, and most of the deposits are in the area Boko Haram suppurate. It is of utmost importance to the World that terrorists like Boko Haram and ISIS do not find a way to get their hands on anything that can lead to a nuclear weapon. 

It is downright appealing and shocking to read statements from people criticizing President Buhari for attending a summit in the US with World leaders discussing how to make sure terrorists don’t lay their hands on nuclear weapons. Even a sitting governor has the temerity to spawn distasteful and ill informed words on the issue. 

If Boko Haram and ISIS can figure a way to lay their hands on a tiny amount of our uranium deposits…Armageddon. Simply the end of our planet.  

This has nothing to do with PDP or APC, I am tired of reading hateful messages just to advance political positions, I’m weary and can no longer be audience to this display of demagogy, incomprehension and cluelessness!

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