Monday, November 30

Nigeria Government Has Failed Woefully – Shehu Sani Reacts Over ‘Killing’

Senator Shehu Sani has said that the frequent killings across Nigeria are as a result of a failure on the part of the government.

“There is no country in the whole of the African continent where people are being kidnapped or Killed daily at these frequency & numbers. In this area, the Govt has failed woefully. The Govt must protect & guarantee human lives as it does political ambitions & empires,” Sani said.

He also noted that those perpetrating the wicked acts across the nation are thugs armed by politicians all in a bid to realise their political ambitions.

“They funded and armed thugs to help them intimidate, maim or kill opponents in order to realize their political ambitions; now they have abandoned them, to constitute a menace to themselves and to the larger society.”

Reacting to a statement by Professor Yemi Osinbajo in which the Vice President stated that President Buhari has no theocratic agenda, Sani said, “It’s reassuring to hear from the VP that the President has no theocratic agenda. But what is of urgent importance now is for the FG & respective states to end the mindless killings in the name of religion or ethnicity. And the first step is fairness to people of all faiths.”

He is also weighed in on issues bordering on Nigerian polity and the electoral process, arguing that calling for unity after stealing other peoples’ mandate is unfair.

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