Friday, December 4

Neomi Nganga Comes For Huddah Monroe Over Her Mean Plus-size Women Comments

Huddah Monroe is on the receiving end after attacking female American rapper, Lizzo, calling her a ´whole elephant´.

Probably not from close allies to Lizzo, but Kenyan women and personalities who believe such attitudes should be strongly condemned.

Plus-size model, actress and fashion designer, Neomi Nganga came out loud to counter Huddah Monroe´s sentiments of ´phat women´.

In a long post, the actress bashed:


##God knows why we human beings do not have it all. I reckon it’s so we can compliment, complete and appreciate each other.

None of us is close to perfect. However it is very sad when God gives you a sane mind and opportunities to use your brain wisely for the benefit of yourself and others and you choose to be ourightly silly and thoughtless.

Dont you have a more acceptable and civil way of expressing or sharing your opinions without insulting?

You claim to empower youth, are you now going to filter by size?

Is this your best shot at serving a solution to a problem you seem to have ‘elephantised’? #EVERYWOMANISAWOMANPERIOD!! SKINNY OR PHAT !

All women in their own capacity are Magical ..they are strong ..they have beautiful stories! ~ ~

They have broken boundaries!! They have achieved beyond their size!! ~ ~


Health is BEYOND SIZE !! You got the attention you clearly are so desperate to get.

I hope you are sleeping better at night.

Piece of advice !! While promoting your brand try get yourself some basic knowledge…invest in humanity and self awareness.

Try be more selfless and remember a wise woman is careful with her words.

Mhhm! I guess we all know what that makes you!

If you know !! YOU KNOW ?? #STOPBODYSHAMING #RESPECTWOMEN #cyberbullyingawarness #teamcurvykenya #plusizeblogger #bodypositivity

The media personality was not alone on this agenda.

Fellow Kenyan personalities came out to applaud her for braving up and facing off Huddah and any other individual yet to be discovered.

kambuamuziki Louder babe! ?️

kate_actress It so sad , what does it cost you to be kind ! When God gives you such a platform you find kinder ways to address issues , you can talk about obesity without being offensive, many women are struggling with body image issues whether overweight or underweight , the least we can do is make them feel worse about themselves. One another thing God has a way of HUMBLING every human being , @huddahthebosschick I hope you realise how deep that post hurt most women that have fully supported you and your brand . And it’s okay it’s not a must they support you , but it doesn’t hurt to be kind ! People are out here going through shit!

teacherwanjiku I honestly do feel in this day and age, people should be let to decide what to do with their bodies, let us learn how to use kind words when expressing an opinion, knowledge is power, ignorance is a disease! Let us use our platform to inspire and encourage, My fitness journey is not yours, if you are comfortable in your own skin, who am i to say otherwise, na muwachane na kihara yangu????

silvianjoki???????????? body positivity all the way

kdeng.node Tebu zungusha aerial

judynyawira So well put Neomi! ?

eric_radioproducer And men too right….infact #HumanLifeIsImperative

moraa_ogaro Apparently Her products’ sales don’t feed her … much for youth empowerment….



steffiestephie it’s time those “big women” stopped buying her products.that was so low of her !!!

Huddah´s defense was:

huddahthebosschickLMFAO! Not someone . HUDDAH . I asked a simple question why is it ok to shame skinny women and glorify phat , FAT and call it curvy . Plump or thick when its FAT! Elephant size , gazelle sizr , lioness size . All are beautiful . But lets not glorify others and downplay others coz we think its ok. Lets promote a healthy lifestyle .

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